Welding simulations

As part of the PhD thesis of Dipl.-Ing. C. Keindorf was developed, the calculation tool HANWELD on the basis of ANSYS ® simulation package. It includes both the thermal and structural mechanics simulation of a welding process that are additionally coupled kinetics with a module for the structure. The verification of HANWELD was based on welding tests and the welding simulation tool ANSYS. As an example of the multi-level verification, the comparison of temperature cycles is shown in the following figure.

Following the welding simulation, a Hammers process can be performed as weld treatment, which significantly influenced the transient residual stress field of the weld.

Was further integrates a fatigue module HANWELD can be performed with the local fatigue calculations for the welding detail. Here, each existing residual stress states of the untreated and the post-treated weld will be considered. 

The following figure provides an overview of the different modules of HANWELD:

Calculation tool HANWELD for welding simulations with integrated fatigue calculations

Video of the welding simulation

Thermal analysis of a MAG welding process

Comparison of the temperature cycles between HANWELD / SST / EXPERIMENT