The SKI Ingenieurges. mbH

The engineering company SKI was founded in May 2009 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Schaumann and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf. The company has its headquarters in Hanover and dealing with the various issues of structural engineering in particular with those of the steel structure.

The range of services of SKI includes addition to planning and advisory activities in construction and innovative development in the field of steel support structures for renewable energy systems, as well as the measurement monitoring and analysis of structures.

Tank and silo constructions
Lifting status for a filter case
K-tower as an offshore foundation structure
Buckling simulation of a submodel
Sandwich Tower as a support structure for wind turbines
Deformation analysis for silos
Grinding sample of a weld with and without mesh
Full model for a ring flange connection
Data logger to record the measurement results

Basic European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)

Against the background of the European Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO), which came into force on 25 May, we would like to inform our business partners about the handling of personal data and thus create the greatest possible transparency. A responsible handling of your data has the highest priority for us.

We use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of processing orders or to inform you about relevant circumstances or project processes. This information is for internal use and order processing at SKI Ingenieurges. mbH and will not be passed on to third parties without your consent. 

Further information on data processing and usage can be found in our privacy policy.

Public appointment and swearing

The Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers, represented by the President of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers, Mr. Dipl. -Ing. Kammeyer, officially appointed and sworn in Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf as an expert for supporting structures of onshore and offshore wind turbines (Sachverständiger für Tragkonstruktionen von On- und Offshore-Windenergieanlagen) on September 1,2015. For the first time in Germany, he was appointed for this field of expertise by an engineering chamber.

Swearing at the 01.09.2015 at the Lower Saxony Chamber of engineers
Swearing at the 01.09.2015 at the Lower Saxony Chamber of engineers

A public appointment to an expert is made when the particular expertise in a particular field of engineering, its ability to produce opinions and its personal suitability has been demonstrated. The publicly appointed and sworn experts are given a high degree of trust in court and in the public because of their independence and their special qualifications. 


The SKI Ingenieurges. mbH looking for intern with fun at constructive and innovative tasks. We offer a varied and interesting internship in Hanover.

Preference is given to students of the specialization in "Structural Engineering" in higher semesters. This is an advantage but not a requirement. If you want to become a structural engineer and eager to share their theoretical knowledge to the test, then we offer you the opportunity to bring your performance within a team of specialists.

Your work focuses in the field of structural engineering, modeling, static and dynamic analyzes of structures and numerical simulations.

Basic knowledge of modeling and calculation software are desirable but not mandatory. In this respect, teamwork and communication skills are essential for your work with our colleagues.

If interested, please feel free to contact us.

Appointment to Professor

Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf was appointed professor for offshore constructions at Kiel University of Applied Sciences in 2015. At the Institute of Shipbuilding and Maritime Technology he is responsible for development and research in this field. In addition, there is also a bachelor's degree course in "Offshore Plant Engineering", which is accompanied by Prof. Keindorf, among others. In addition, his teaching activities support the Master's programme "Wind Engineering", which is offered in cooperation with the FH Flensburg.

Particularly at the coastal locations of Kiel and Flensburg, university education also focuses on the field of renewable energies, a subject with which many people can identify locally. Last but not least, Schleswig-Holstein is home to many companies in the field of "green technology" that need new talent for their engineering tasks and are therefore happy to support the universities. 

Every year, an offshore campus on Heligoland is organized in cooperation with the students and serves as an exchange between the students and the industrial partners. For more information, please visit:  

FH Kiel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf

FH Kiel, Campus for Ocean and Offshore Learning


New Release of the dissertation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf on "Structural behavior and fatigue strength of sandwich towers for wind turbines".

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