Suspension and span poles for electrical transmission line networks

3D model of a power pylon

The overhead lines with their masts are the cores of the electric power supply. The masts are manufactured mainly in wood, concrete or steel construction and can thereby have a variety of designs. For the high and extra high voltage grid (220kV and 380kV) steel lattice masts are usually used to allow great heights and spans. The individual bars of the truss-like poles consist primarily of hot rolled angle steel that is easy to transport and can be mounted. The connections are mostly designed as bolted connections without additional gusset plates.

In order to measure such lattice masts used 2D and 3D truss models with which the individual load combinations can be computed efficiently. In addition to permanent loads represent the wind loads from different directions, the snow and ice loads and possibly conductor tractive at low temperatures are the major influences. 

Taking into account all relevant factors the following tasks are carried out by engineers in order to ensure the stability of the pylons for the appropriate useful life:

  • Modeling of the entire supporting structure
  • Stress and stability analysis for corner posts and diagonals
  • Calculation of the reliability of individual components
  • Assessment of circuit oscillations



Radio masts for mobile networks

Lattice masts are also used in the expansion of the mobile networks. The favorite for pole shapes, materials and components can also be planned of the SKI Ingenieurges. mbH. For the dimensions of the individual components of the assessment tools are described above.