Bridge construction - the premier class of structural engineering

Prefabricated bridge segment with hollow box section

The Bridge building is one of the most demanding tasks in construction industry. In addition to prestressed concrete bridges and bridges in steel and composite construction are to be executed. The classification of bridges can also be done on the type of use, such as: 

  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Road bridges
  • Canal bridges
  • Railway bridges
  • Pipe bridges

The SKI engineering company offers a wide range of bridge types, the following planning and consulting services:

  • Design and approval planning
  • Structural analysis of 2D and 3D truss models
  • Evaluation of construction and installation conditions (e.g. stock exchange)
  • Detailed evidence (e.g. abutment, grillage calculations)
  • Dynamic calculations (natural frequency analysis)
  • Bridge inspections
  • Static checking for heavy load transportation
  • Expertise on the stability

Bridge inspections - Result: upgrading or new construction?

In Germany there is a large inventory of bridges that need to be checked at regular intervals. If the stability is no longer guaranteed, then often arises the question: upgrading or new construction?

Bridge Mittelland Canal
Abutment of an old arch bridge
Abutment of a new arch bridge

Detailed evidence (grillage calculation)

As an example of a detailed proof of the design of a support grid is shown in the following figure. For the combined truss folded plate models are used to capture the two-dimensional plate bearing effect.

Calculation FE model for a grillage calculation