Services in the field of tank construction

Installation of a welded tank

The following services for tank may be provided by the SKI engineering company:

  • Static calculations for tanks and foundation slabs
  • Evidence and assessments concerning the increase of existing tanks
  • Detailed evidence (e.g. for the manhole)
  • Dynamic calculations (e.g.  as a result of an agitator)
  • Evidence for earthquake loads
  • Pressure tank (e.g. pressure shock resistant design, burst pressure)
  • Numerical simulations (e.g. buckling stability under wind load)
  • Reports in cases of damage and accidents
  • Biogas facilities

The dimensions of the tank structures are based on the Eurocode, AD2000, DIN EN 14015 and DIN EN 13445.

Global and local stability cases

Tank structures often have a circular cylindrical or square floor plan and assembled as thin plates or panels. In addition to the stress evidence the global and local stability cases are to examine. These include, for example:

  • Circumferential pressure dents caused by wind load and / or vacuum
  • Axial pressure buckling as a result of roof and snow loads
  • Shear buckling due to a torsional moment (eg, agitator)
  • Local instabilities (eg, ports of consoles, manhole)
Global stability analysis under wind load
Local stability analysis for a manhole

Numerical simulation for the mode of action of ring stiffeners

As an example of the many uses of the numerical simulations the influence of ring stiffeners is shown on the deformations of a filled steel container in the circumferential direction in the following figure.

Effect of ring stiffeners on the deformations in the circumferential direction