Wind energy for everyone

Small wind turbines (SWT) are wind turbines with a nominal output referred to 500 kW or a wind attack surface of 200 m².

They can also be used by private customers in order to feed the generated power into the grid and to sell or just to meet its own needs.

Especially suitable for industrial areas and agricultural regions.

A special she is to be placed on existing commercial buildings (see figure at left). Thus, the height and thus greater wind speeds can exploited and improved efficiency. In the buildings, the small wind turbines are mounted with substructures in order to pay off as the forces better and protect the roof structure.

For farmers often the large available free land is used to build the SWT. There, they can assume a height of up to 40m. The most common support structure, which is used in small wind turbines, is the lattice mast (see figure at right).

Small wind turbine with support frame for mounting on a factory building
View of a small wind turbine with lattice boom

Our Services

Natural frequency analysis of a wind turbine with substructure

The design of a small wind energy system is similar to that for large wind turbines. As part of the assessment we can offer the following services: