Structure calculations for Tripods

The SKI engineering company has been commissioned by non-linear structural analyzes for Tripods. The dimensions of the individual components to be optimized taking into account the carrying capacity and fatigue strength. Further details can be found, e.g. Stahlbau, Jahrgang 76, Heft 9 . The following detailed calculations are possible:

  • Structural design under wind and wave load 
  • Assessment of stress concentrations (hot spots)
  • Stress-optimized dimensioning of the central node
  • Comparative calculations for welding and cast nodes
  • Mode of action of weld finishing operations
  • Grout for modeling the pile-sleeve connections
  • Pile-soil interaction
Tripod of an offshore wind power plant

Assessment of a concreted pile sleeve connection for a tripod foundation structure

The numerical model of the tripod foundation structure is assessed with concrete filling by a parameter study on the fatigue strength and compared with an equivalent tripod foundation structure without concrete filling. The results of the structural analysis were compared with the measured data. In the result it was found that the ovalization of the pile-sleeve pipes could be significantly reduced.

View of the tripod foundation structure
Numerical volume model of the tripod foundation structure (diploma thesis D. Wagner)