Germany discovers its seas

Because of low oil and gas resources Germany has so far been no country with a strong offshore industry. This is now changing with the construction of offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas. But not only the offshore wind turbines themselves, but also the support structures, foundations, submarine cables, transformer stations and masts are required. In addition there are shipyards for manufacturing, sea ports for logistics and specialized vessels for installation.

As offshore structures are mainly:

A variety of support structures for offshore wind energy plants

Is there a single support structure that meets all the offshore requirements best? After the engineers of SKI's opinion, this is hardly possible, because a variety of different site conditions (e.g. water depth, soil, climatic influences and turbine classes) in the design of these structures must be considered.

The SKI-Ingenieurges. mbH can assist you in the context of concept studies and BSH-approvals with the following tasks:

  • Design of tower construction (primary and secondary steel)
  • Design and structural analysis of transition piece or central tube node
  • Calculations for foundation structures
  • Dimensioning of driven piles
  • Calculation of grout connections
  • Concepts for steel heavyweight foundations

There are the following design variants more detailed information:


The SKI Ingenieurges. mbH accompanied these offshore developments with the following servic