Continued operation of wind turbines (WT)

At the present time, many older wind turbines achieve their proven service life of 20 years (design life). With a large number of wind turbines, re-powering (replacement by a new, larger system) is not possible due to new distance regulations. Therefore, further operation is the only option that prevents the wind turbine from being dismantled and allows further use. The BWE Study 

Principles for carrying out an assessment and examination of the continued operation of onshore wind turbines (BPW)

from May 2017 takes up this topic in concrete terms and presents the basic procedure for the expert evaluation of the continued operation of a wind turbine by a recognised expert. In principle, this procedure is divided into

  • practical part
  • analytical part

SKI Ingenieurges. mbH from Hanover is one of the experts listed at BWE and is also an expert for supporting structures of onshore and offshore wind turbines (Sachverständiger für Tragkonstruktionen von On- und Offshore-Windenergieanlagen). For this reason, we are in a position to answer the question of permissible further operation of a wind turbine by means of an expert opinion and to determine the further service life extending beyond the design life.

Service lifetime of a wind turbine
Service lifetime of a wind turbine