Steel support structures for green power plants of the future

The energy supply and climate change are two of the most frequently discussed topics in our society. Meanwhile, a rethinking of the population takes place, with the finitude and environmental impact of fossil fuels is forcing more and more to alternative energy supplies. To reconcile the energy and environmental aspects of the process is one of the greatest challenges in the 21st Century. The initiatives for increased energy efficiency and an intensive use of renewable energy sources of promising solutions represent in order to continue to meet the growing energy needs of the world population, taking account of climate change.

Meanwhile, there are a variety of green plants, of which the following are a few categories with no claim to completeness are enumerated:

The SKI engineering company seeks to make a contribution to the development of renewable energy systems. In particular, the development, design and execution of steel support structures for this new generation of green power plants stands as a core competence of the engineers of SKI in the center. Whether steel towers for wind turbines, steel tanks for biogas plants, drilling rigs for geothermal or steel tubes for wave power stations - the steel material has to a large construction variants.